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Oct. 15th, 2010

Oh the memories!

Lol, I need to be careful or I might end up in a shipping "discussion". I haven't been in one since HBP came out! I'm totally out of shape, lol. But seriously, that attitude. *shakes head* Why would it be wrong to ship two people who are NOT related with each other? WTF kind of logic is that? And dismissing an interview because you don't like what was being said? Give me a break.

Between, my opinions of some ships would be:

Harry/Ginny - Well, I think Ginny has been obsessed with Harry since she was ten and that she would end up with him is kinda like the wishfullfilment of any groupie. A bit creepy if you ask me. And Harry only seems to fall in love with her because she's pretty and popular. Which is shallow. So basically H/G is creepy and shallow.

Harry/Luna - Luna is awesome but also crazy and I don't really see her with any guy to be honest. Although during OotP I did get the feeling she liked Ron, who was mainly a jackass towards her (and any other female), so he doesn't deserve her either.

Ron/Hermione - There is witty banter and then there is mean bickering. Guess in what category these two fall into. Frankly, I don't see how a girl like Hermione would ever fall for a guy like Ron. I just think she would want totally different things from life than Ron and that in the end these two would get divorced.

Tonks/Lupin - Fanservice.

Neville/Luna - Convenient? I mean seriously, the only reason most people pair these up is because these two are the leftovers of OBHWF.

Harry/Hermione - For me this was always about potential. Best friends turned lovers. Okay, I might have once believed that Hermione actually had a crush on Harry who, you know, wasn't constantly mean to her. And she was kinda always focused on him and his well-being. But I never thought Harry had romantic feelings for her. That didn't mean he couldn't develop feelings one day though. You know, once he got over Cho. Obviously that didn't happen as expected and he suddenly fell in love with Ginny instead because... well, I dunno, proximity I guess. At least that's what it felt like because soulmates my ass. (Usagi and Mamoru are the only soulmates I believe in.)

Harry/Ron - More believable than H/G and certainly much healthier than R/Hr.

Aug. 29th, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

The first time I heard they were going to make Prince of Persia into a movie, I thought "Oh, cool.". I don't really know why since I've never played the games. Heh. Although I think that a lot of games could make good movies - in theory. Anyway. Once I heard Jake Gyllenhaal had been cast in the lead role I was far less enthusiastic. He's not what you'd expect your action-adventure hero to look like. And well, he's obviously not Persian. So yeah, I didn't really plan on watching the movie but I obviously still ended up doing just that - thanks to the internet where you can get all kinds of stuff for free. XD

Ahem. Anyway, I loved the movie. It's not the best movie ever, it has it's flaws but I still loved it and I've watched it several times by now. In fact I'm going to buy it on DVD at the end of September. (Although I'm a bit irritated at Mike Newell who apparently refused to include more than one deleted scene. D:<)

Most surprising for me were Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton. Frankly, I expected Dastan to be a battle-hardened and serious warrior which he was not and that's exactly why Jake could fit the role (if you ignore that he has the wrong ethnicity). I was also very pleased with Gemma's performance mainly because I absolutely hated her in Clash of the Titans. (Actually I hated the whole movie not just Io.) So yeah I liked them as Dastan and Tamina which is probably the main reason I could enjoy the movie.

The plot isn't very complicated. The Persian Empire is currently (or about to be) at war with the warlord Kosh. However while they are on their way to Koshkan, a persian spy discovers that Alamut has supposely been providing Koshkan with weapons. Eventually Tus, the eldest son of the Persian King, decides to attack Alamut. Thanks to Dastan they win pretty quickly and occupy the city. However the King isn't very happy about this since their allies may take the invasion the wrong way but fortunately there's always political marriages. So Tamina gets promised to Dastan to unite Persia and Alamut. Unfortunately someone poisened Dastan's gift to the King and Dastan is forced to flee the city, taking Tamina with him. Of course, Tamina has her own agenda. During the invasion Dastan managed to unknowningly acquire the Dagger of Time which Tamina is sworn to protect with her life. When she tries to kill Dastan he discoveres that the Dagger can turn back time and he realizes that Tus must have ordered the attack on Alamut just to get to the Dagger. Thus he decides to meet his Uncle during his Father's funeral to convince him that he's innocent. However he soon discovers that it wasn't Tus that betrayed his Father and Dastan decides to finally help Tamina bring the Dagger to a secret hiding place only the guardians of the Dagger know of. Only not. So the Dagger gets taken from them and they travel back to Alamut for the final showdown. Several people die throughout the movie but of course in the end time gets turned back and Dastan gets a second chance to right all wrongs. The traitor gets what he deserves and Dastan gets the girl.

What baffled me a bit was Tus' characterization. On the one hand he's more than ready to have Tamina killed when she refuses his proposal, on the other he seems very insecure when his father reprimands him and later on he wants to be a good and just king and insists on giving Dastan a trial.

Another thing I found weird was that they all were very ready to believe Dastan murdered the king although he had nothing to gain from it since he's not only adopted but also the youngest.

I also noticed that some scenes were cut badly. For example when Dastan and Tamina jump out the window and into a fountain. They get out then there's a cut and Dastan is suddenly alone and cutting horses loose.

I especially liked the ending's potential although I'm not holding my breath for a sequel. Still. The Dagger is back where it belongs, but the Hassasins could still be a threat. Dastan remembers everything while Tamina doesn't. And the warlord Kosh still has to be dealt with. At the very least this is great fic material. And I already did go looking for fic. It won't surprise you that there isn't much and that most of it is... crap. Even worse: the same crap. There are about 130 fanfics on and about 90% are about Dastan angsting or having nightmares about those who died in a timeline that thanks to the dagger never happened. He also tries to win Tamina's heart in most of them often by telling her about their time together and in most of them she miraculously remembers what happened and/or falls for him pretty quickly.

Well first, I don't see Dastan angsting. He didn't in the movie where he actually did lose his loved ones. Plus, he's a soldier. You can't tell me he isn't prepared to deal with loss. So emo!Dastan makes absolutely no sense.

That Dastan would want to win Tamina's heart makes sense. After all he fell in love with her. However he's a grown man who more than likely has had experience with women so I dare say that he would know how to seduce her without telling her everything. Also why would he? In the end it would just be like a story, no more.

And that Tamina would actually remember what happened is completely illogical. The whole point of the movie is that the dagger completely undos events and that only its holder remembers what happened.

I also think that Tamina would be wary of Dastan for some time. In the movie it's made very clear that she doesn't think very highly of Persians. So I think it would take some time for her to fall in love with him simply because she would have trust issues.

Aug. 14th, 2010


So about two weeks ago I left a negative review. I think it's the first time I've ever done that because I was hopeful the story would be interesting but it turned out there was too much character rape going on and I basically told the author that I couldn't sympathize with the characters because of the way they acted. Also that characterization shouldn't be sacrificed for the sake of plot. Okay, and I might have mentioned that I was irritated with the people who called it "the best fanfiction they've ever read" but that I'm not really surprised either because there are enough horrible books out there that are loved by millions. Yes, I was hinting at Twilight. If you like it, great for you. My mom also liked the first book (but is too niggardly to buy the second book, god bless her) and guess what? I still love her. However I do continue to hate the franchise.

Understandably, the author wasn't happy, basically called my review cruel and insulting (which I don't really agree with, but fine), and told me that I'm the first to not like the story. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY I REVIEWED IN THE FIRST PLACE, OKAY? It's! Only very rarely someone leaves a bad review that is more than "Bad fic." and the "good" reviews usually consist of "Update soon!" (I'm always impressed with *that* one. *rollseyes*).

Now, I left that review signed and not anonymous. And what do I get after two weeks, nay, after SEVEN FUCKING YEARS(!)? A very intelligent review on my own fanfiction. I will quote: "s u c k s". By Anon of course. But here's the thing about my fanfiction: I wrote it in 2003 when I was still new to the internet, new to the fandom and new to I also wrote it out of a whim for fun and pretty soon just abandoned it. Actually *I* haven't read it in at least six years. And yeah I know it sucks but I see no reason to delete it. The idiotic comment on the other hand I did delete, not because it's negative but because there was no explanation whatsoever and I consider that just stupid flaming.

But I do wonder... Coincidence?

Also, here's a fun fact (which maybe these 'but I get so many positive reviews'!authors don't realize): My other story just has 31 reviews (given the fandom that's actually not too bad), but 1601 hits (in 7 years, but still). Or rather, chapter 1 had 748, chapter 2 had 441 and chapter 3 had 412 hits. Which means at least 200-300 people finished reading, but didn't leave a single review about whether they liked what they'd read or not. (The number I'm suggesting is so low because I don't know if multiple hits by one person are counted or not.) The point I'm trying to make is, that for one positive review it's also likely that 10 people hated it but didn't choose to comment. I mean, look at my numbers. Chapter two got 300 less hits so I have to assume these 300 decided they'd rather read something else.

So to every author who's oh so proud of their little meaningless "update soon" reviews: FUCK YOU. Just because people don't say anything negative doesn't mean everyone likes it and that you've written the best story ever. And if I were an author I would rather have 50 detailed reviews telling me what was good, what was bad than a 1000 update soons.

Aug. 12th, 2010

Looking for new comedy shows

I love comedy shows but it seems I've run out of good shows to watch. I recently tried Entourage, which was so not funny and really boring thus I stopped after the first season, then Arrested Development, which was awesome and WHO THE HELLL CANCELED THAT, now I tried The Office - both UK and US - and I didn't like it (plus the US version was actually just an exact copy...). Granted, I just watched the first episode, so maybe it gets better? Parks & Recreation got MUCH better after the first couple of episodes, although even it's first episode was still better than the Office's first episode(s). I also tried to get into Psych and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia but... they are not *bad*, but I'm just not that interested.

I suppose, next I'll try:
30 Rock
United States of Tara
The Boondocks
Party Down
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Jul. 28th, 2010

SasuSaku Fanfiction [Part 2]

So here is part two. Be aware that my comments are mostly based on the first chapter of these stories. Sometimes I do go through other chapters if the first one doesn't tell me much, but often I don't. However, I'm of the opinion that the overall quality of a story can be judged by the first chapter. Be also aware that I do not read AU fanfiction. I don't equate AU with Bad Fic, I'm just not interested in reading AU, which goes for almost every fandom.

I know that I'm very critical here, but if you want to know what *I* consider a well written SasuSaku relationship, then please read White Rain by Zapenstap.

Damned and Damask by Endoh; Reviews: 449
"I don't give a damn if you want to throw your life away for me," Sasuke said coolly and began walking. "Neither do I." And she followed him to Orochimaru. This is Sakura's path through the incubus of vengeance. SasuSaku NC17 DARKfic GRAPHIC Content

Frankly, I find Sakura's portrayal disturbing. She thinks she's worthless and loaths herself. In real life she would kill herself, luckily in fiction she becomes needy and just clings to a boy who hates her. If you really want to go for "dark", then write about how life can fuck with you, but this is just messed up.

Ripples by Yellow Mask; Reviews: 3,546
Complete. AU from 309 onwards. Following a botched mission, Sakura is made a slave by Sound, a position that could very well alter the future…especially concerning a certain familiar missing-nin. SasuSaku.

And once again Sakura is made a victim. (Maybe she doesn't stay one, but I still find it telling that the story has to start that way.) Also, slavery in a ninja world? I find that kinda illogical.

And All the King's Horses by Icarusy; Reviews: 309
SasuSaku Oneshot songfict. She's dying, and all he can do is hold her and watch...

Too depressive for me.

In Nine Days by cutecrazyice; Reviews: 2434
"Then prove it! Prove it to me in nine days!". It was that, or run around naked in Konoha. Of course making the Uchiha fall in love with her was easier...right? SasuSaku

So basically the story is about how Sakura has to prove that she is no longer in love with Sasuke (although she is) by making him fall in love with her within 9 days. Once she has accomplished that she then has to leave him. Meanwhile Sasuke has decided to get a pretend girlfriend to get rid of his fangirls.... God, what a stupid plot.

Let Me See by Cassandra Nitewing; Reviews: 910
After an invasion of Konoha and the death of the council, Sasuke Uchiha has completely taken over. He promises to leave peacefully, but with a catch-a kunoichi from Konoha has to bear his heir first. Guess who the lucky girl is? Sasusaku

Oh for God's sake! This is RAPE! Stop romanticising rape!

audeamus by ohwhatsherface; Reviews: 590
50alternates. SasuSaku. See you in the next life. 28. It was just a legend. There was nothing haunting the Uchiha Manor.

Meh on the writing style. Also, not interested in AUs.

Waking to You by Surmise; Reviews: 583
Naruto loses control. With no options left, Tsunade orders Sakura to help recede the Kyuubi. The effect leaves her comatose for a year. When she awakes she must deal with the changes that have occurred – starting with the return of a specific Uchiha.

I dunno, sounds boring.

Color of my Nails by astonishing.ashley; Reviews: 369
Painting her nails a new color each day was a habit that she picked up from Ino. Yet, Sakura didn't realize that each color she picked tended to be based off of her mood for that day... Now if only the males of team seven could put two and two together...

Oh God, not another one where Sakura has conversations with Inner Sakura.

Dark Miscellaneous by smos; Reviews: 77
AU. SasuSaku. He refused the only person who could save his soul from eternal darkness. Seven centuries later, their paths cross once again...only this time, just who is refusing who?

Basically this seems to be a rewriting of Dark Prince by Christine Feehan. With Naruto characters. So why should anyone want to read this?

You're No Exception by xXAsuka-chanXx; Reviews: 90
I was born with a curse.I know how long you have left to live by the lifeline above your head.Until I got involved with her I distanced myself from the world.Now I'm watching the numbers of her lifeline fall- why does she have 2? Kami..shes going to die

First sentence: "Sigh." Last sentence (of ch.1): "Thump." For christ's sake, when will people learn this is bad writing??

Spring of Faith by littledustbunny; Reviews: 34
He realized that after all this time, she still has his faith. SasuSaku

It's only three chapters long and hasn't been updated in a year. The plot so far is that Itachi revealed the truth to Tsunade about the massacre via two scrolls and then Sakura gets sent after him to heal his illnes, only she encounters Suigetsu and through him eventually ends up with Team Hebi. Yeah, it's basically the plot of a thousand other stories that came out when Team Hebi was introduced in the manga.

Last Chances by Lady-simplyme
Deleted about a year ago apparently. It might have sucked. (Why else delete it?)

I'm Yours by sasukelove2; Reviews: 576
I'm yours Sasukekun. It was a phrase she repeated to him every night they spent together. It was the only way he'd complete the intimate act, the only way she could be connected to him again. SasuSaku A different kind of love story...

Oh for Christ's sake this is getting annoying! Why must one of them always be a total jackass while the other pines away or is hurt by whatever arrangement they've made??? Seriously, all of these authors have twisted concepts of romance!

What Could Have Been by LoveMeDeadly; Reviews: 725
15 years has passed since he left Konoha. While in a village market he finds himself in a small shop were an old woman gives him a special stone that is meant to give someone a view at a life they could have had. He wishes on the stone to see what life would have been like if he had never left Konoha and when he awakens he finds himself in a life he would have never dreamed of. Could this new life be the happiness he always wanted and can he find a way to keep it even after the stones magic wears off... .

An amazing author could maybe make an interesting story out of this... Alas, LoveMeDeadly is not an amazing author. Okay, even if she were I'd probably not read this.

Shades of Grey by Lady Hanaka; Reviews: 2288
Sakura knew that Sasuke would hate her when she brought him back to Konoha, but she was willing to let him do so, as long as he came back. She hoped she could save him from his darkness...but more than that, she hoped he could save her from her own.

I was going to give this an okay but then I clicked on a random chapter wherein Sakura becomes the Jounin sensei for Sasuke, Karin and Suigetsu so that they can participate in the Chuunin exam. Such a plotline just doesn't feel true to actual canon.

Everything Is Alright by Neon Genesis; Reviews: 936
When Sasuke returned to Konoha, it took him a while to understand his feelings for one Haruno Sakura: he wanted a mother. But what he found was so much more. Complete

The writing is okay as far as I can tell but the story lacks originality. It's the same old plot where Sasuke returns and Sakura moves in with him to keep him under surveillance. Meh.

Together by darkpetaltaki; Reviews: 1104
She was ordered to be captured for a reason. She meets him again and things took a turn no one ever expected. The only way for them to get through things is to do it together...sasusaku...lemons in some chap.

So basically Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto have surpassed the Sannin which is why Oro orders Sasuke and Kabuto to kidnap Sakura because he wants her to become his ally. Now what's wrong with this? In canon Sasuke uses Oro to get stronger and the moment he surpasses him? That's right he kills Oro! Add to that, if Sakura where truly THAT strong she wouldn't be held captive for long especially because Naruto would be the first to run to Sound and free her. To sum up, the plot makes little sense. Also, the writing isn't very good.

The Games We Play by imadecookies; Reviews: 410
On a mission the boys fall prey to the seductions of their hormones. One night affairs soon prove too much for them to handle back home when their past actions catch up with them. NaruHina and SasuSaku. STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT

Hm, this *could* be interesting, depending on how everything plays out. Forget that. I read the first 8 chapters then I had to stop because Naruto and Sasuke start cheating on Hinata and Sakura for no reason other than lust. I don't care that it is for plot reasons. A good writer doesn't just adjust characterization to fit a more interesting plot! Also, Yuna and Misato come across as desperate whores and Naruto and Sasuke come across as huge assholes. Wow, am I supposed to sympathize with these characters? No way. Lots of typos, too.

Lost by Lila Paige Rose; Reviews: 285
It's been years since Sakura fled from her unhappy wedding with Sasuke. Now that she's returning with the fruit of their relationship, how will things turn out? And will Sasuke ever be honest to his feelings towards them?

Again a very twisted idea of romance: Sakura marries Sasuke although she knows he doesn't love her. He then treats her like shit. Heavily pregnant she eventually leaves Konoha to flee from him. Only to then return 6 years later. *shakes head*

A loss of me by Richiied; Reviews: 100
One of the hardest things Sasuke could ever go through is something as simple as parenting. With his wife MIA for most of his young sons life Sasuke's been forced to raise this child on his own. What happens when she comes back?

Last updated in 2004 (!) and it only has 2 chapters so I don't know why anyone bothered to rec this.

my life by ChErRyBlOsSoM GuRl13; Reviews: 315
vampire vam-pire noun 1. a dead person who rises from the grave to feed on human blood. a old folktale or at least that is what i thought.

This is AU, but I did take a look at the first chapter and wow what horrible writing. Don't bother!

day to day by ihearvoices
Apparently this story doesn't exist anymore.

the story of sasuke & sakura by taiki-kun; Reviews: 193
"It's…okay Sasuke-kun. I'm just…happy. I remember now…and I'm glad that I remember…no matter what happens, I will always love you and remember you…Sasuke-kun."

Last update in 2004. I doubt this will ever be finished.

In my life by Emperatris; Reviews: 648
Teen star, Uchiha Sasuke clashes with school feared boy, Gaara and ends up falling in love with the same girl, Haruno Sakura.

Not interested.

Child at Heart by cuito; Reviews: 197
Sometimes growing up is extremely hard, especially on Sakura. What's a girl to do when her childhood crush starts acting bitter...well more bitter than usual.

I think I prefer cuito as an artist. The story is okay but it shows its age, IMO.

tadaima by ethereal-moonrain
Couldn't find it.

The Uchiha Tragedy by Quijote3000; Reviews: 457
A love that doesn't have the right to exist struggles to survive against all odds, faced with a dark future. A story of burning love and hatred. Sasuke X Sakura, maybe. Who knows? Pretty violent.

I don't have anything to criticise other than that the first chapter simply didn't pique my interest. Although it's kinda nice to see a fic written from Sasuke's POV. The majority so far were from Sakura's!

Beyond Hearts and Minds by XyoushaX; Reviews: 940
naruxhina, maybe sasuxsaku Demons of yore spring up for unknown reasons. And the Priestess to take care of it... is Hyuuga Hinata.

When I read this comment by the author: "Even though there are tons of sasusaku fics out there, only a fraction of authors have succeeded in making believable ones." I expected an awesome story. But wow I was so not impressed with what I read. Also, the last update was in '07.

A place we call home by Withering Princess; Reviews: 358
Sakura, a lonesome, overprotected girl meets Sasuke, a guy who has a reputation for being the school's bad boy & heartthrob. From an unexpected meeting starts a tale of two people who were worlds apart who found home in each other's hearts.

AU therefore not interested.

My Sakura by Zero2-the-scyther; Reviews: 222
When all the teams are told to attend a dance,Sakura asks Sasuke,who reluctantly agrees to go with her as a friend.But it is only then does Sasuke realizes that he may have fallen for his pink haired teammate... sasusaku,naruhina,inoshika,nejitenten -FINI

The summary makes me go O RLY? Aside from the rather boring plot, the writing isn't that great either.

Mismatched by phoe-chan; Reviews: 456
When Kakashi dies on the battlefield he leaves behind a gift for Sakura that will let her catch up to her two teammates. However, when her teammates find out, one of them isn't exactly pleased...

One can guess what kind of gift that is without reading the story, lol. It's also kinda disgusting because Sakura has two healthy eyes. And OF COURSE she can turn it off thanks to Tsunade *rollseyes*. I also dislike the idea that she has to catch up to her teammates at all. So she isn't a powerhouse like Naruto or as fast and versatile as Sasuke but she is an awesome medic and has impressive chakra control. Plus, she's smart. A good author should build on THAT instead of giving her a Sharingan.

That's it for today. I still have to go through the following stories:

31 hath days to december by angelofdeath10
more than words by kakashisno1fangirl
feelings from the heart by kinzenko
just for you by complexity66
expecting ninja by hgamelia
past peripheral vision by nadyell
leaf festival by smiling-fox
backstabbing love by livelovelaugh
eripmav by miss ribbit
what are these memories? by yuugi-chan
a good flower takes time to bloom by aznanime-eyes
the flower that blooms in spring by goodgurl
gang bang by dream bean
hearts in love and denial by gasha-aisu
valentine's day! by aitashiaku
wife contest by blackbelt
gravity by impressionistfenrin
i wanna be a supermodel by sarafu-chan
love story by ang3lix
fight for survival by jyuuken
caught in the moment by only secret
broken hearts by lead you in
little peace of heaven by leanne ashley
sakura's village by soul of manga
temptations by beaucoup riant
the drama high school brings by -x.brokenrainbow
an ending for a new beginning by adariaswrath23
yakuza by crazy-silly-me
like vitamin water by angelforshow
blind by obsidiansickle
why even numbers rock by kiwipoptart
sakura no yousei by blackkunoichi
obsessed by inuyashacrazyfangal
a happily ever after right? wrong by xxmisslilangelxx
captured by lenag09
uchiha reconstruction by blue moiraine sedai
to love and to love again by animequeen100
color theory by bluegreenapples

Rec'ed stories: 104
Willing to read: 9 Back to 8.

Feel free to disagree with me. :)

Jul. 21st, 2010

[TV] Breaking Bad

So I watched Breaking Bad in the last few days. It's supposed to be one of the best - if not THE best - tv series on air. Well, I don't agree because it feels a bit like they don't really know where they are going (especially concerning Walter's and Jessi's relationship) and they also kinda repeat themselves. Although it's kinda fun to watch how when they try to fix things they only end up digging themselves in a much deeper hole. Which is probably the whole point, lol.

Jul. 10th, 2010

Germany vs Spain (WM 2010)

After the game I was disappointed. Then angry. Let's be honest, the team played badly. It was like watching a whole new team. As if they hadn't won easily against England and Argentina. We had dominated them. Then the game against Spain happened. Spain now dominated us. But not because they were just that good, but because we let them, which is what made me angry. Heck, I'm still annoyed but there's no use crying over spilled milk, now is there? Still. I think it's okay to lose if your opponent is just so much better than you or because he's just that lucky (like Italy in 2006) but to lose because of your own stupidity? They should be ashamed. Which I think they actually are or they would want to go to Berlin.

Ngl, I hope the Netherlands win. Neither team deserves a win actually, since they really didn't get that far because of their skills, but it's them in the finale and I'd rather that our neighbor wins than Spain.

Jul. 5th, 2010

Christiano Ronaldo is a father!

So yesterday Ronaldo unexpectly announced he'd become a father. Since then much speculation has ensued because he mentioned he's got exclusive guardianship and that the mother wanted to remain anonymous.

Frankly, my first thought was "What? Did he knock up a hooker?". The most popular theory was however that he's gay and he payed a surrogate. Then the next day, today that is, a portuguese newspaper confirmed that the woman in question was indeed a surrogate.

I'm not sure how believable this is, though. First, Ronaldo is a known womanizer, so I find it entirely believable that he might have accidentally knocked up someone. Second, he's also a catholic, so abortion is a big no-no. Add to that his love for children. Plus, he's still very young, only 25. Yet I'm to believe he paid a surrogate à la Ricky Martin? Lol, no way.

Maybe they made up the surrogate story because the truth is a bit more scandalous than that: maybe the mother isn't quite legal yet.

Well, at least I'd find the surrogate story more believable if he were 10 years older and hadn't been seen with a woman for quite a while. >_>

Jun. 27th, 2010


So I finally got around to watch Whedon's latest brainchild and it was unsurprisingly good. My only complaint is the main character. I did not feel for Echo except in the very last episode. :/ I think my main problem is that I don't get why Echo cares so much about getting everyone out of the Dollhouse, especially because she isn't really a person in the beginning. She only starts to really develop into one after what Alpha did to her. Her dedication to the cause just seems unrealistic to me. She also kinda develops into a Mary Sue who can do anything which I didn't like too much, either.

That said, the other characters were way more interesting. Maybe because they were better developed. At the very least, they were certainly way more believable. Which makes me think that maybe someone else should have played Echo. :/
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Jun. 22nd, 2010

What an attention whore....?

There is a certain person in VK fandom that annoys me. She has been translating the manga for over a year now and for that I'm very grateful but it seems to me that is has gone off to her head a bit. Yesterday, someone posted a link to the latest raw chapter on the VK LJ community with the comment that an anonymous person had left a comment with the download link. She didn't specify where, but who cares? Apparently said certain person did because a few hours later she felt the need to make a new post *just* to point out that the aforementioned anonymous person left the download link in *her* journal, oh and that she had made a fangirling post and that she would write a summary when she finds the time.

It annoys me that she simply didn't go into the earlier thread and said "Hey, if you want to thank the anonymous person you can do so in my journal where s/he posted the link originally" but instead made that extra post and it screams attention whore to me because she *also* had to specifically tell everyone she had made a fangirling post. If I wanted to read that I'd have friended her ages ago, so no need to tell me, thank you very much.

I also find her summaries pointless beause we already have the raw and she usually posts the scanlation within a few days anyway. But also because they are always waaaaay too long. I haven't read any of them but judging by the general length she probably just narrates the complete chapter instead of highlighting the major points from it.

Oh and another thing that annoys me is her EXCESSIVE use of XDDDDDD<333333 ♥♥♥♥♥ Seriously, there's barely a sentence that doesn't end with a stupid smiley. Maybe she thinks it's cute. I think it makes her look 12 years old.

Also, the way she posts her scanlations... I don't mind a comment or two where you clarify things, but I don't care for stupid fangirling after almost every page. Because at first you're like "Oh, interesting info" only then to realize she's squealing about Kaname/Zero or Kaname/Yuuki or whatever and that she wants to write fic about them... I. Don't. Care. Seriously.

Also WTF at her last rant before chapter 61. I agree with the premise, don't get me wrong, but I don't need to have her rant about it for three pages, a simple "I won't accept any bashing in my journal" would have sufficed. Although, I bet no one read the whole rant anyway, lol.

May. 30th, 2010

[30 Day TV Meme] Day 3

Your favorite new show (aired this TV season).

I've seen several new shows this TV season, but it's Fringe that has stuck with me the most. It has one of the most intriguing plots I've ever seen and all the main characters are absolutely likeable.

Eurovision Song Contest 2010

We won.



AFTER 28 YEARS. Fucking finally. Although I don't like Lena's Satellite.

[30 Day TV Meme] Day 2

A show that you wish more people were watching.

Because it's on FOX. The more people watch the less likely it is it will get canceled!

May. 28th, 2010

[30 Day TV Meme] Day 1

Day 01 - A show that should have never been canceled.
Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching.
Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season).
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever.
Day 05 - A show you hate.
Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show.
Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show.
Day 08 - A show everyone should watch.
Day 09 - Best scene ever.
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving.
Day 11 - A show that disappointed you.
Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times.
Day 13 - Favorite childhood show.
Day 14 - Favorite male character.
Day 15 - Favorite female character.
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show.
Day 17 - Favorite mini series.
Day 18 - Favorite title sequence.
Day 19 - Best TV show cast.
Day 20 - Favorite kiss.
Day 21 - Favorite ship.
Day 22 - Most annoying character.
Day 23 - Best quote.
Day 24 - A show you plan on watching (old or new).
Day 25 - Best pilot episode.
Day 26 - OMG WTF? season finale.
Day 27 - Favorite series finale.
Day 28 - First TV show obsession.
Day 29 - Current TV show obsession.
Day 30 - Saddest character death.

A show that should have never been canceled.

So yeah, Dark Angel has many flaws, especially plot holes. But I always felt it had great potential and I blame the writers for not knowing where they wanted to go. Also, Alec was a great character and it's a shame we only got one season with him. Then again I'm not sure I could have suffered through more Max/Logan drama.

May. 23rd, 2010

An Update on the Watch List

10 Things I Hate About You - Cancelled! D: Only 1 episode left.
24 - 139 episodes
Accidentally on Purpose - Cancelled. :/
Alias - 104 episodes
Alice - 2 episodes (Mini-Series)
Andromeda - 110 episodes
Battlestar Galactica - 75 episodes
Being Human - 12 episodes
The Big Bang Theory - 1 episode
Big Love - 30 episodes. A series about polygamic Mormons. Season one was pretty good, but one expects nothing else from HBO.
Castle - 34 episodes
Community - Finished.
Cougar Town - Finished.
Deadwood - 35 episodes
Desperate Housewives - Finished.
Doctor Who - 6 episodes
Dollhouse - 26 episodes
Farscape - 40 episodes (Um, I kinda stopped watching it when certain things happened. But I do intend to finish the series.)
Friday Night Lights - Finished.
Fringe - Finished.
Glee - 3 episodes
Gossip Girl - Yeah, no. After I heard Chuck/Jenny would happen I have no desire to continue.
Heroes - 15 episodes. Still on the fence on this one. It got finally canceled, though.
How I Met Your Mother - 1 episode
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 58 episodes. First episode was okay, I'll see how it continues.
Legend of the Seeker - 3 episodes and canceled. D:
Leverage - Finished.
Mad Men - 52 episodes
Misfits - Finished
Modern Family - Finished.
Parks & Recreation - Finished.
Psych - 50 episodes
Samantha Who? - 35 episdes (although it's certainly last on my watch list)
Scrubs - Finished and canceled.
Sex and the City - Finished.
The Simpsons - 1 episode
The Tudors - 4 episodes
True Blood - 12 episodes, starting next month
Skins - Finished.
Stargate Universe - 3 episodes
Supernatural - Finished.
Two and a Half Men - 1 episode
V (Reimagined Series) - 12 episodes
Veronica Mars - 8 episodes

Not included:
Dark Blue - Next 10 episodes not until June 2010 and I'm not sure I'll watch...
Wolverine and the X-Men - Cancelled. DX
Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis - 208 + 97 episodes. Initially I really didn't want to watch these two, but Stargate Universe made me do it!
Lost - 121 episodes. I've seen several Lost episodes some years ago and yes they were thrilling, but... I dunno.
Chuck - 52 episodes. Not sure about this one either, lol.

Not including the not included means 873 episodes overall. Progress!
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Oh hey a new favorite series!

I marathoned Fringe within three days. I haven't done that since... Supernatural.

See, I love SPN, but it has major flaws. Mainly because it seems like its creators don't know how to get from a A to B sometimes. And the conflicts between Dean and Sam are getting repetitive. Also, way too much fanservice lately. Basically, I am glad that season six will be the last season.

So what makes me really like Fringe is that - aside from its fantastic characters - the creators know how to actually tell a plot that spans over more than one season by including little details in almost every episode. Which I think makes it such an addicting series in the first place because you really want to know what happens next and whether Olivia and Peter will ever get together. And that's another reason why I love Fringe: A new awesome ship! The last two characters I really wanted to end up together were the Doctor and Rose and we know how that ended. D: So let's hope Peter and Olivia can pull through, they deserve it.
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Apr. 9th, 2010

[SPN] 5x17 99 Problems

I'm scared to watch the episode because I've heard bad things. Nothing specific expect that the ending is shitty and a lot of people are apparently angry at Dean. And here I was so excited for this episode... :O

*watches anyway*

Okay. That was... hm. The episode explored one of my favorite apocalyptic themes: What are people willing to do in order to survive? Here it was killing "sinners" (among them friends they've known since childhood and children) just so they can go to paradise. I liked that.

What I didn't like was Dean. Not surprising since it appears that a lot of people didn't like him in this episode. The thing is, Dean acts like him saying yes to Michael is such a bad thing and such a great sacrifice, yet he completely ignores that Sam has it even worse. Michael wants to stop Lucifer. Lucifer wants to KILL HUMANITY. Yet who is the one angsting? Dean. Who feels hopeless because God doesn't want to help? Dean. Seriously show, I love Dean, but this is getting ridiculous.

And then the episode ends with Dean going to Lisa. WHUT??? He spent one weekend with her 10 years or so ago. Then he saw her again about 2 years ago for one episode and yet we are to believe that she's the one he sees himself with?? And she feels the same? Give me a break.

Dec. 23rd, 2009

Hating German TV.... again.

OMG I just added soooo many episodes to my SideReel playlist. I have no idea when I'll manage to watch all of them....

10 Things I Hate About You - Has been renewed for 10 episodes which will start in January 2010
24 - 115 episodes (plus 24 more once season 8 starts in January)
Accidentally on Purpose - 5 more episodes in January (I think)
Alias - 104 episodes
Alice - 2 episodes (recently aired Mini-Series)
Andromeda - 110 episodes (Yeah an old series. But after watching every now and then dubbed episodes, I finally want to watch the whole series. If Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis didn't have over 300 episodes combined, I'd watch that too, but when you manage to watch like... 5 episodes a day then it would take SIXTY DAYS to watch all 300+ episodes. No, thank you.)
Battlestar Galactica - 75 episodes (Technically, it should be less episodes to watch because I've watched part of season 1 a while ago, but I don't really remember much... >_>)
Being Human - 6 episodes (plus 6 more episodes in January)
The Big Bang Theory - 12 episodes left of season 3
Castle - 21 episodes (plus 11 more when it continues in January)
Community - 10 episodes left of season 1
Cougar Town - 12 episodes left of season 1
Desperate Housewives - 13 episodes left of season 6
Doctor Who - 2 specials left (Season 5 will air sometime in Spring 2010)
Dollhouse - 26 episodes (I tried watching it when it started airing but with Eliza Dushku as the lead character I just didn't feel like getting into it. However, I have heard so many good things in the meantime and because it is a Joss Whedon show after all, I'll try again.)
Farscape - 88 episodes (Again, an older show but I've heard many good things, sooo...)
Flash Forward - 22 episodes (I liked the first two episodes, but with university keeping me busy I didn't get the chance to keep up with it. However, the show continued to lose viewers every week and now it's on hiatus until April, so I wonder what happened.)
Friday Night Lights - 39 episodes
Gossip Girl - 22 episodes (Season one was actually good, but the show has gotten progressively worse. I have no idea whether I'll keep watching or not, to be honest.)
Heroes - 17 episodes (Same like Gossip Girl. What a shame, season 1 was soooo amazing. They really fucked up here.)
How I Met Your Mother - 13 episodes left of season 5
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 58 episodes (Actually, I have no idea what this show is even about, but I heard it's very good, so why not.)
Legend of the Seeker - 16 episodes left of season 2
Leverage - 6 episodes left of season 2
Mad Men - 52 episodes
Misfits - 6 episodes
Modern Family - 12 episodes left of season 1
Psych - 50 episodes
Samantha Who? - 35 episdes (although it's certainly last on my watch list)
Scrubs - 9 episodes left of season 9 (Technically, I'm cheating because I don't plan to watch the first 8 seasons. Simply because one of the German TV stations has been broadcasting reruns of Scrubs for a long time now and I feel like I've seen most episodes several times.)
Sex and the City - 20 episodes (I started rewatching it a while ago with the result that I now hate Carrie, lol.)
The Simpsons - 12 episodes left of season 21 (Again I'm cheating. But The Simpsons has been broadcasted for several years now in Germany and again I feel like I've seen most episodes several times.)
Skins - 8 episodes (which will start airing in January)
Stargate Universe - 8 episodes (plus 10 more when the hiatus ends in April 2010)
Supernatural - 12 episodes left of season 5
Two and a Half Men - 13 episodes left of season 7
V (Reimagined Series) - 4 episodes (plus 8 more when the hiatus ends in March 2010)
Veronica Mars - 8 episodes (I finished with the first two seasons pretty quickly but season 3 was hard to get through and I simply can't get myself to watch the last couple episodes. Emo!Logan annoys me too much, I guess.)

Not included:
Dark Blue - Next 10 episodes not until June 2010
Glee - Next 9 episodes not until April 2010
True Blood - Next 12 episodes not until June 2010
The Tudors - Next 10 episodes not until April 2010
Wolverine and the X-Men - Next 26 episodes in 2010

which adds up to 1094 episodes. Or 218,8 Days if I watch at least 5 episodes a day. >_<

Which brings me to my subject line. There only exists ONE German TV Series that I love to watch and I'll consider myself lucky if they actually produce 10 instead of 8 episodes for its next season. One versus Thirty-Six. Okay, technically forty-seven if I include the shows which will return in fall next year. Still. Why is US and UK TV SO MUCH BETTER?

EDIT: I forgot to add Deadwood (+ 35 episodes). Lost, Fringe and Chuck are also a posibility. (+ 168) But I'm not sure about them, yet.
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Nov. 27th, 2009

New Moon

I watched it and no, I didn't pay any money to see it for which I'm glad because it was horrible. The acting was bad. The dialog cringe-worthy. The plot ridiculous. The music somehow very annoying. The worst thing about the movie however was Bella. She's 18, a young woman so to speak. But the way she acts when Edward breaks up with her is just so wrong, I cannot understand how any grown woman can go into the movie and come out and say it was "brilliant" or something along the lines.

It's natural to be angry and sad when the one you love dumps you (although for very dumb reasons), but to be downright depressive for several months to the point where you do suicidal things... you've got to be kidding me. And then Bella has nightmares which make you think that she might have survived something like a plane crash or whatever, but instead she has them because she was dumped. *face-palm*

Another thing that bugged the hell out of me was the fact that Bella was only happy when she was around a man. No seriously. When she went shopping with a female friend, she still pulled a sad face and even decides to ride around with some strange biker. Once she was around Jacob, however, she could laugh again. Only to get depressive again when she's alone at home, of course.

And wow, Edward is such a wimp, I don't get the love for him.

Nov. 20th, 2009

[SPN] 5x010 Abandon All Hope

Okay, so SPN killed off more female characters. But let's be honest who *else* could they have killed off that the Winchesters are close to and who would be painful to lose? Well, there's only Bobby and Castiel. But the latter is important to the plot and to be honest, I'd rather have them kill of Jo and Ellen than Bobby. Then again, I believe Bobby will probably end up dead this season anyway, soooo....

I mean, we are talking about the Apocalypse and stopping it needs to be written believable! You can't have your characters try killing the devil and then let everyone come out unscathed. Yeah, it sucks that Jo and Ellen are dead but I cried for them, which to me means it was an excellent episode because I wouldn't haven't cared if it had been a newly introduced character that had been offed.

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